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    Unit weighs only 2lbs 8oz

Quick Starter MDA Gen #7-11 Extra Small  Children size

      1-Flexible Sock Aid- Limited Supply

What to know before buying:

"There is ONE commercially available clothing dressing aid that stands out among the rest: the "Miracle Dressing Aid". For those who have the use of both hands, the "Miracle Dressing Aid" offers the most streamlined method for putting on clothes with minimal effort.

Users recovering from knee, hip, and shoulder surgery are ideal candidates for the "Miracle Dressing Aid" because the device keeps these joints secure so as to avoid accidental dislocation."

The  "Miracle Dressing Aid"  is a sufficient device that can expedite the dressing process on its own.

Jason Biddle-Certified Aging in Place Specialist

 $14 US +S&H



 $76US + S&H

Let me be your dressing assistant !

 $76US + S&H

2 units fit in a 20"x16"x6" box for shipping

NEW  smaller size, easy adjustable  MDA  Unit, 3T thru 39" waist size

 $76US + S&H

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1 unit fits in a 20"x16"x4" box for shipping


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MDA Gen #8-11 Children thru 4XL Adult size

Standard size, easy adjustable MDA Unit, 30" thru 50" waist size