The "MiracleDressingAid" is a life changing, easy adjustable  ADL, that may restore independence to people of all ages with limited mobility,  physical condition, or disorder from aging, surgery, or disease.

Quick Starter MDA Gen #7-11 Extra Small  Children thru Medium Adult size

 MDA Gen #8-11  Children thru 4XL Adult size

Production of "American Made"-Hand Crafted units, NOW available for shipping!  {Worldwide} Manufactures direct: MSRP $138US PRMO PRICING> MDA

50% discount off MSRP = $69US+ S&H

     $69US + S&H

2 units fit in a 20"x16"x6" box for shipping

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    The Road to Greater Independence

NEW smaller size, easy adjustable MDA Unit, 3T thru 39" waist size

Standard size, easy adjustable  MDA Unit, 30" thru 50" waist size

Independent Living center activity fair display, showing use of product

30 day purchase price Satisfaction Guarantee!

The patented "MiracleDressingAid"

is made in the U.S.A.


1 unit fits in a 20"x16"x4" box for shipping

1-Flexible Sock Aid- Limited Supply

 Unit weighs only 2lbs 8oz


Assembly & Adjusting size to fit

Let me be your dressing assistant !

Promo>50% Discount off MSRP Limited Time!


Unit adjusted small, waist size 30"

 $69US + S&H

Loading clothes & using MDA


Unit Adjusted LARGE, Waist Size 50"

2 product discount on shipping  order to same address with PayPal invoice


 $69US + S&H